Welcome to She Shed Arts!

She shed arts painting
Thank you for stopping by She Shed Arts!
My name is Heidi I’ll be joining you as your art instructor and your Paint Party Fun director:)
For as long as I can remember, I have absolutely loved everything to do with art. I was the type of kid who was always in the crayons, cutting shapes with scissors and gluing everything in sight. I can remember one time as a kid I was so engrossed in cutting shapes out I didn’t realize that I had engraved all the shapes into my Mom’s nightstand. Not sure where I found that exacto knife....hmmm. Well anyways, I have always loved art.
In my younger years, I attended Miami University and majored in Art Education. I had a few twists in life as we all do and I wound up being an RN. I know, I know big difference. As time has passed in my life, I have realized that art always has been and always will be a huge part of my life.
So, here I am with She Shed Arts. In the She Shed it doesn’t matter if you have tons of experience or if you have never picked up a paint brush in your life. All are welcome here to share in my love of art.
Take a peek at the photo albums and see if there is a painting or two that you would like to create. You are welcome to join one of the already planned events or contact me and we can plan a paint party specifically for you and your friends.
Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to meeting you and having a little Paint Party Fun!!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to She Shed Arts!”

  1. This is so awesome Heidi. I commend you for following your dreams. Not many of us take that leap of faith and put ourselves out there to follow our dream. Your work is awesome. Wishes for much success.

    1. Thank you so much Annette! I love following along and seeing your beautiful work as well. You have so many creative ideas. It would be fun for us to collaborate sometime.

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